The Guilt Of Old Wounds

Grief is weird.  This piece has been a battle to write.  Part of me doesn't want to.  Part of me feels guilty about this whole thing... I formally left Reading University for good in January 2008.  Almost a dozen years have passed and I can hardly think of a single part of myself that has … Continue reading The Guilt Of Old Wounds

I Don’t Owe You My History

Getting asked what's wrong with you or what happened to you can be an everyday hazard for someone with a physical disability. A few days ago it happened to me.  Again.  Actually it happened again again.  I've no idea how many times I've had this happen, but all I can tell you is that the snarky, scathing … Continue reading I Don’t Owe You My History

Election Special: My Government Radicalised Me

Somebody commented on my previous blog post that it was "interesting until it devolved into a left-wing rant".  Whilst I don't consider myself a particularly strident leftwinger, I will acknowledge that I am increasingly angry these days, with my response to political machinations veering between the incandescent to the apoplectic. By the end of today, it … Continue reading Election Special: My Government Radicalised Me

Stop Telling People ‘It Gets Better’

September 10th is the annual World Suicide Prevention Day.  Indeed, in the US the entire month is designated suicide prevention month and as someone with an ever lengthening record of speaking openly on the topic of suicide as an attempt survivor, the whole premise of WSPD once again fills me with hope and disquiet... When I (very … Continue reading Stop Telling People ‘It Gets Better’