Embodying Defiance

I live in a country where my government is hostile to my existence as a disabled person. As this excellent tweet and replies show, the never-ending fight for needed support and benefits such as PIP means walking a tightrope between playing the game in order to jump through the correct hoops, and pushing back against levels of … Continue reading Embodying Defiance


But Give Us Roses Too…

"Hearts starve as well as bodies.  Give us bread, but give us roses too" Last night was the What's On Stage Awards in London.  Despite my love of theatre, this event would have entirely passed me by had I not been on twitter at the right time and seen my feed blowing up because of … Continue reading But Give Us Roses Too…

Unconventional Love – A Post for Valentines’ Day

I find myself in a strange and new position.  This upcoming Valentines day is my first where I feel in any way attached to the date, my first as someone with a significant other.  On reflection this is a marker of how much my perspective about myself has shifted in 12 months, it’s been gigantic. … Continue reading Unconventional Love – A Post for Valentines’ Day

Time To Talk Day Must Lead To Bigger Conversations

Today is Time to Talk Day.  It’s a day that leaves me with a sense of conflict.  I recognise the very needful work that campaigns like Time to Change do, and how much they have improved and broadened both the conversation, and acceptance of mental distress in the UK.  I often have cause to ponder … Continue reading Time To Talk Day Must Lead To Bigger Conversations