A Short Bio: Me and Myself

This page is a designated space for a man with lots of thoughts and unusual opinions on disability, mental health and how those things work within our culture – to put those thoughts to words so that he does not spontaneously combust out of rage and emotional internal pressure!

I was born with Cerebral Palsy and was brought up with a positive, can-do attitude towards disability unwittingly rooted in the social model.  As I’ve gotten older, the social model has become something I’m increasingly questioning as it relates to my disability identity.

I have dealt with depression, anxiety, suicidality and emotional distress since my late teens.  I have in recent times rejected much of the biomedical status quo around these experiences and am becoming increasingly interested in the power dynamics of diagnosis.

I’m based in the UK and when not doing this, I like studying to become a counsellor, obsessively following a number of sports, shouting at my government, singing harmony music from all over the world, laughing with excellent friends and drinking a variety of pale ales and ciders and the occasional gin.

Anything else just ask.  Happy reading – if you like it, share it!