More Of Me…

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some wonderful people as a result of this blog – you should check that out – and also their fantastic work!  I will update this page as appropriate – check back now and then!

Terrible, Thanks For Asking: The Gold And The Broken Bits

At the beginning of 2018, Hans Buteow – a senior producer for TTFA noticed this blog – we talked, we talked more, Nora joined in – this episode was the result.  If you’ve ever wondered why I go by the moniker ‘Humanoid Kintsugi’ – this will tell you why.  Please check out other episodes of TTFA as well.  It’s my favourite thing in the podverse, sensitive, interesting and able to hold grief and joy in the same space.  A true gem.

Mad In The UK: Trump Anxiety Disorder

I sent a prospective blog post to a friend for comment.  It got forwarded to the Mad team…it now resides here.

For more perspectives challenging some of the toxic narratives on mental health in the UK, please check out the whole site:

Stigma Fighters piece

Special thanks to the person who reminded me of this piece on depression I wrote for Stigma Fighters here, on the silence of depression.  This was back in February of 2017, which in so many ways feels an absolute lifetime ago.

Scope – ‘I Realised I Was Bullied After It Was Over’

Scope’s online team was looking for perspectives on bullying, here is mine.  Thanks to Pippa at Scope for making me aware of this opportunity.